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 Condominium for rent in Hua Hin

Condominium rating in Hua Hin

If it is the first time you come to Hua Hin, it might be difficult for you to choose the right condominium or location for your holidays. This article will help select the right accommodation for your trip to Hua Hin. Our company has a large selection of condos and rooms in all the popular projects. We will try to describe and objectively rate the different condominium located in the Hua Hin area to allow you to make the right choice while booking your accommodation with us. 

We have condominium and appartement for rent in every project along the seashore.

The most popular bookings for the last 4 years were:

1 Marakesh

2 Bansansaran and  Bansansuk

3 Boat House and Mykonos

Condominuim rating by price ( from the most expensive)

1 Marakesh

2 Bansansaran, bansansuk, Boat house, Bansanploen, Amari

3 Bansandao, Bansanploem,

4 Bansankram, bansanngam

5 Mykonos, summer, My resort

6 Breeze, Autumn, Ban view wiman, Sea craze

7 Kun key, Kukian, Hin nam say souay, Condochain

From distance to city center( from the closest )

1 Bansandao ( directly accross market village shopping mall and direct access to the beach)

2 Mykonos (within 5 minutes walk from Market village)

3 Bansanploem (5 minutes walk from Market village private beach access)

4 Condochain ( 50 meters from the sea)

5 Baan san ploen (access to the beach, 600 meters from market village)

6 Marakesh ( private access to the beach, 1klm away from market village

7 Bansansaran, bankunkei, kukiang these last 2 one are more affordable but are not on the seaside of the main Hua Hin road.

Condominium rating from their distance to Market village shopping mall


1 My resort, Amary, summer are about 500 meters from the sea and a 10 minutes drive from the shopping mall

2 Bansansuk is 10 minutes away from city center on public transportation.

3 the sea craze is 15 minutes away

4 Auttumn, breeze, banviewwiman are 18 minutes away

Condominium rating  by distances to market village for project  North of the city

1 Hin nam say suay is 200 meters from the sea and 10 minutes away from city center

2 Trust is also 10 minutes away from city center

3 Boat house is 15 minutes away

4 Ban nam ngam

5 Ban san kram


Of course our company has unit in every condominium rated above, if you would like more information about a particular condominium contact us through our website







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